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Guests Must Plan Months in Advance to Dine at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, But Is It Worth the Effort?

As fans of the 90’s animated classics Beauty and The Beast and The Littler Mermaid, our hearts almost exploded at the news that we’d soon have the ability to walk among – and dine in – scenes from our favorite childhood films. With Magic Kingdom Park’s New Fantasyland expansion, guests now have the ability to take a stroll through Prince Eric’s castle, sit in Gaston’s killer thrown chair, and even dine at Beast’s castle.


Make Reservations

For guests who’ve never visited Walt Disney World before, the idea of booking dining reservations 6 months in advance might seem absurd. As odd as it might seem, you’ll have to just that if you plan on dining in the grand ballroom among the Beast’s prized possessions. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations can be made online or by phone. Breakfast and lunch reservations are easier to make, while dinner times are the most coveted.

If your trip is less than six months away, and there are no available times, don’t fret. You may still be able to dine in the enchanted castle. As reservations are cancelled they become available to guests. Check back with the online system often, and a reservation is likely to open up closer to your visit.


What to Expect

Breakfast and lunch at Be Our Guest is a casual dining experience. You’ll check in at the entrance of the bridge with the hosts. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can pass through the gates and cross the bridge. There’s often a line leading up to the restaurant, so be prepared to wait 10 to 20 minutes.

Once inside you’ll pass through the hallway lined with knight armor. The armor is enchanted, and if you listen you can hear them conversing with each other. After passing through the guarded hallway, guests are invited to order from kiosks. You can select as many items from the menu as you like.

The Dining Rooms

Be Our Guest is divided into three very different dinning experiences. The main room is a recreation of one of the most memorable scenes in animation. Guests can dine in the grand ballroom, complete with chandeliers and views of the winter forest. To the right is a second dining room featuring a large rotating statue of Belle and The Beast dancing. The walls are decorated with portraits depicting scenes from the film. To the left is a third dining room, reserved for those thrill seekers who would follow Belle into the West Wing. While the Beast forbids you to enter, Belle has invited you to dine in the wing where the enchanted rose still stands intact.



Must Try

My favorite savory breakfast dish was the open-faced bacon and egg sandwich. The eggs are poached and served on top of brie and arugula. The sandwich is served on a fresh French baguette.

You cannot leave the breakfast table without trying the croissant doughnut. It’s decadent, so share if you must, but it’s a must-try. A fried doughnut is topped with banana-caramel sauce, pastry creme and chocolate ganache.


For lunch, try the Croque Monsieur or Vegetable Quiche. Avoid the carved turkey sandwich, for no other reason than it’s basic. Don’t skip on desert! While you may be initially unimpressed by the dessert menu, don’t let the word “cupcake” fool you. These cupcakes are delectable, and rich in flavor. The lemon raspberry cupcake was to die for.


It’s Fine Dining I Suggest

Dinner is a more formal affair at Be Our Guest. Red napkins are folded into roses and placed on dinner plates, presentation is key. Start your meal with an order of the potato leek soup or mussels provencal. You can’t go wrong with any of the dinner entrees. The steak is topped with a rich garlic-herb butter and served with a side of pommes frites. Also on the menu are the sauteed shrimp and scallops, served with lobster and a creamy lobster sauce.

Michelle McKinley is a journalist and digital marketer from Los Angeles, CA. She earned her Journalism degree from Pepperdine University, and has been writing for the web since 2003. She’s a life-long Disney fan who travels and writes about her experiences for fun.

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