Explore the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland Park

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Experience What it’s Like to Dine at the Red Rose Taverne

In celebration of the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” live action release, Disney imagineers re-imagined the Village Haus Restaurant in Fantasyland into the Red Rose Taverne in honor the tale as old as time.

When I first heard about the Red Rose Taverne restaurant takeover I imagined a few “Beauty and the Beast” additions, but didn’t expect the complete transformation I witnessed when I dined there last week. While it’s no Be Our Guest restaurant, it does feature many elements similar to Gaston’s Tavern.

How to Prepare for Red Rose Taverne

In order to dine at the Red Rose Taverne you’ll need a park ticket. The restaurant resides inside Fantasy Land at Disneyland Park adjacent to Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and across from the Casey Jr. Circus Train. The restaurant is highly popular, due to the upcoming film and limited run. There are long lines, and the restaurant has run out of specialty items on more than one occasion. The best times to visit would be during the week, and on off hours. If you’re worries about missing out on specialty items like the red rose cake, get to the restaurant early.

Finding a seat inside can be challenging. There is no seating attendant to help guests find a place to sit, so it’s up to you and your party to find a spot. Due to the popularity of the restaurant, and the highly themed interior, guests take their time dining and lounging. To find a spot inside, your best shot is to split yourself up and wait patiently for diners to finish their meals. There is outdoor seating which is much less popular. You might find it easier to take pictures of the interior before or after dining, and enjoy your meal outdoors.

What to Order at the Red Rose Taverne

The menu at the Red Rose Taverne isn’t what you would expect. Being that the movie takes place in France, you might expect French cuisine, but you’d be wrong. While the meal was delicious, it didn’t feel very “French” to me. The most French thing on the menu is “Poutine” which is a popular French-Canadian dish.

My pick for best entree was the chicken sandwich a la Lumiere. The grilled chicken breast sandwich was flavorful. The fried cherry peppers put the sandwich over the top. I would order it without the apple slaw, as this can make the bread soggy. The enchanted cauli-flower sandwich is a great vegetarian option. Grilled cauliflower is topped with spicy lime Aioli and tempura-battered green beans.

The best part of our meal was definitely the dessert. Was the grey stuff delicious? You bet it was! What looks like a heavy dollop of frosting a top a thin cookie, is actually a delicious, moist cake. Inside the white chocolate mousse is a light red velvet cake with a tangy raspberry center. The tang of the raspberry filling offsets the sweetness of the white chocolate mousse. The mousse did taste more like butter cream frosting, but I simply removed some of it from the cake. The Lemon Rose Cake is made from cooled lemon mousse with strawberry-rose filling. Also very delicious.

Is the Red Rose Taverne Worth it?

Yes, it is. While there are plenty of places to dine at Disneyland, the Red Rose Taverne is a fun and unique experience for “Beauty and the Beast” fans. It’s the only place in California, where you can dine among artwork and decor inspired by the beloved animated film. The food was elevated park food, but moderately priced at $10.99 a sandwich.

Do you know a “Beauty and the Beast” fan who would love this restaurant?

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