The Best Shanghai Disneyland Restaurants

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The Top Shanghai Disneyland Restaurants Ranked

Shanghai Disneyland is a Disney park unlike any other for multiple reasons – one being the many stellar dining options available to park guests. At Shanghai Disneyland you can choose between patisseries, quick service restaurants, fine dining options and picnics. Shanghai Disneyland Restaurants are highly themed, staffed up and represent a variety of cultures from China to the U.S.

One of the aspects of the park that make it so unique, are the beautifully manicured parks that surround theme park lands. These tranquil parks give guests plenty of space to sprawl out, escape lines and enjoy a quick bite. Unlike the deserted picnic benches found at U.S. Disney parks, picnicking at Shanghai Disneyland is a viable dining option. The Picnic Basket kiosk is one of the quick service Shanghai Disneyland restaurants. Located near the Gardens of Imagination and Garden of the Twelve Friends, guests can pick up savory and sweet treats like smoked duck legs and pineapple puffs for their outdoor picnic.

Whether you’re looking for dim sum, or a taste of home, here are the best Shanghai Disneyland restaurants for you to enjoy during your visit to the park:

Royal Banquet Hall – Best Family Restaurant

If you’ve been traumatized by Disney character dining in the states, you might be hesitant to dine at Royal Banquet Hall, but missing out on this experience would be a mistake. Located inside of the majestic Enchanted Storybook Castle, the Royal Banquet Hall is a step above U.S. character dining restaurants. The restaurant is elaborately decorated with pastel colors, and charming wallpaper. The crystal chandeliers, drink and dishware are what you’d expect from a fine dining establishment, not a theme park restaurant. The service is top notch, with friendly staff that work efficiently, but not intrusively. The menu is simple, but the flavors are not. The beef ragout is deliciously tender, as is the slow-cooked beef short ribs. With dessert, enjoy a bit of Disney magic with Elsa’s White Chocolate Dome, or Prince Charming’s Chocolate Trio. The Royal Banquet Hall is great for families with small children. Your favorite Disney characters including Minnie and Mickey Mouse stop by for photo opportunities dressed in their royal best. If you’d like a view of Mickey Town, as for a table near the windows in the Cinderella room.

For Traditional Chinese Fare

Of all the Shanghai Disneyland restaurants, the Wandering Moon Teahouse is the most “distinctively Chinese.” The restaurant rests just outside Fantasyland, near the entrances of Adventure Isle and Treasure Cove. At night, the tea house lights up with the beautiful red Chinese lanterns you’d expect to see. Perfect for when it’s chilly outside, the Wandering Moon Teahouse serves a variety of warm traditional Chinese dishes including Wagyu beef noodle soup, Shanghai pork belly rice, Fujian seafood noodle and more. The interior of the restaurant is sectioned off with different themes. One of the dining rooms features beautiful flying fish on the ceiling. While the restaurant looks like a fine dining establishment from the outside, it is a quick service restaurant. Dishes are priced reasonably for Americans used to paying high theme-park prices. Try the dumplings, they’re delicious.

For Breakfast

Remy’s Patisserie is the place to enjoy a quick breakfast or fresh pastry. Located on Mickey Avenue, the bakery is a great place to take in views of the Enchanted Storybook Castle. Inspired by the Disney Pixar film Ratatouille, the quick service patisserie offers everything from French baguette sandwiches to pork cakes. The pastries are fresh, and reasonably priced. There’s plenty of seating available throughout the day on the outside terrace, but no indoor seating. Enjoy a hot beverage and savory or sweet treat during your visit to the park.

For the Tangled Fan

Fans of the animated film “Tangled” will love the Tangled Tree Tavern restaurant. This is by far one of the most themed restaurants at any Disney park. Restaurant guests are transported into the film’s infamous bar, the Snuggly Duckling. While this Shanghai Disneyland restaurant serves more of what you’d expect in terms of theme park food, its fun theme and attention to detail make it a great place to dine. The menu features western favorites like roasted chicken and fish and chips, but Asian inspired dishes like Mongolian-style beef are offered as well.

There are so many great dining options at Shanghai Disneyland to enjoy. If you’re looking for a taste of home, The Stargazer Grill located in Tomorrowland, offers burgers, chicken fingers, french fries, Caesar salads and other American theme park favorites. Experience new foods, and enjoy favorites at Shanghai Disneyland.

Check out more pictures from Shanghai Disneyland restaurants below. Which restaurant are you most excited to try?


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