Beauty and the Beast Experiences Coming to Disneyland

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New Beauty and the Beast experiences coming to Disneyland Park

Fantasyland at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California will feature new Beauty and the Beast experiences for a limited time in honor of the upcoming live action adaptation of the Disney classic animated film.

Red Rose Taverne

The Village Haus Restaurant located at the very edge of Fantasyland will be transformed for a limited time. If you’ve never dined there, the Village Haus is a quick service restaurant themed after the animated film Pinocchio. For the event, the restaurant will be transformed into a lively French taverne, with beautiful murals depicting favorite Beauty and the Beast scenes, and draped with inviting curtains. Each room of the Red Rose Taverne will tell a different chapter of the tale as old as time. The menu will change as well, and will feature French inspired dishes with a twist, according to the Disney Parks Blog. New signature beverages will be served as well. This is the first time guests of Disneyland will be able to dine at a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant, and the first they’ll be able to try the grey stuff.

Beauty and the Beast Royal Reception

A new Beauty and the Beast merchandise location will be set up next to the Red Rose Taverne offering keepsakes, apparel and collectibles inspired by both the animated movie and the live-action film, “Beauty and the Beast.”

Meet Gaston

Gaston isn’t a character park guests get to see too often, unless you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom Park. Gaston will be making an appearance at the Red Rose Taverne for photo opportunities with guests.

Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire already features a live performance of “Beauty and the Beast,” but guests will be able to enjoy new treats at Maurice’s Treats during the special event. Dipping sauces will be served along with twists for the first time including: marinara, strawberry and grey stuff.

Which Beauty and the Beast experiences are you most looking forward to?

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” hits theaters March 17th.

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