Star Wars Land – Disney Reveals New Image

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Disney Parks Blog Releases New Teaser Image of Star Wars Land

Hungry to learn more about the Star Wars land hitting Disneyland resort some time in the not-so-near future? According to the Disney Parks Blog, guests of Disneyland can now view more artist renderings of the themed land.

Big Thunder Trail is currently boarded up, as construction takes place on the new land, but on those wooden planks are artist images of what the new land will look like. Those who can’t take a visit to the park need worry not, the Disney Parks Blog posted the pic online for us all to analyze and hypothesize over:

Millenium Falcon

Plenty to See

Based on what we know, the new Star Wars themed land will take place in a thriving port city, which we’re sure it will be once it opens to the public. The local will feature familiar architecture in will include, “markets, landing zones and buildings,” according to the blog post.

During the last D23 exhibit, Disney announced there would be two attractions including one based on the Millennium Falcon. Look closely at the image above, and you’ll see the Millennium Falcon peeking out of a cargo bay. According to the blog post this is the location, “where guests will get the opportunity to pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.”

The new land will take up 14-acres of Disneyland property, which is the largest single-themed land expansion to take place at the park.

New Star Wars Land Water WaysWaterways

Pay attention to the design of the water way or “bay” in front of the new port. It closely resembles the existing Rivers of America, which makes perfect sense since a portion of the water way was closed while they work on the Star Wars project. Or imaginations may be running wild, but we predict some great boating experiences once the new land opens up.

Since an opening day hasn’t been announced yet, we’ll have to settle for these little news releases as they come.

Will you be visiting Star Wars Land at Disneyland when it opens?


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