New Hong Kong Disney Resort Opening in 2017

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A New Hong Kong Disney Resort Will Open in 2017

The Hong Kong Disney Resort will see many changes in the coming months and years, including an expansion of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. In addition to new lands and attractions, the Disney Explorers Lodge will open at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on April 30th of this year. If you’re looking for an exotic adventure, you’ll love this new Hong Kong Disney Resort.

Hong Kong Disney Resort Restaurant

The 750-room hotel is divided into four different wings, each overlooking a lush themed garden named after a Disney character that celebrates different locations around the world. The Kevin Garden has a South America themed, named after the curious bird in the animated film “Up.” The Little Squirt Garden of Oceania is named after the playful sea turtle in “Finding Nemo.” The Hathi Jr. Garden is named after the baby elephant from “The Jungle Book” and has an Asian theme. The Rafiki Garden transports guests to the African Savannah, and is named after the wise ape from “The Lion King.”

Hong Kong Disney Resort Guest Rooms

The new Hong Kong Disney Resort theme celebrates the 1920’s golden age of exploration with artifacts and memorabilia found throughout the hotel property. Guests will have a choice of three very unique restaurants serving up signature dishes that celebrate both new and old world flavors. Themed guest rooms feature mickey headboards, and breathtaking views.

Explorers can book guest rooms at the new Hong Kong Disney resort, Disney Explorers Lodge through online reservations. Be sure to take advantaged of special offers.

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