Rivers of America Attractions to Return

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Your Favorite River Attractions Will Return to Disneyland in 2017

The Rivers of America will reopen in the summer of 2017 according to the Disney Parks blog. The area and it’s attractions were shut down in January as work went under way for the new Star Wars themed land. In addition to the temporary retirement of boat rides like the Mark Twain River Boat and Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, the Disneyland Railroad was also closed.

Pirate Ship Disneyland

Walt’s River

The Rivers of America is one of the original attractions at Disneyland, premiering on opening day in 1955. Building the river was no easy feat. The area for the river was carved out of sandy citrus grove soil, which refused to hold water. After several attempts, imagineers found that by putting down an inch thick layer of native clay on the river bottom they could form a hard pad for the water to sit atop. The river had just one attraction when the park opened, the Mark Twain Riverboat. Today, the Rivers of America are home to Tom Sawyer Island, the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, and Fantasmic.

Rivers of America Disneyland

New and Improved

When the Rivers of America re-open in the summer of 2017 expect new features and advancements. The Disneyland Railroad will take guests up and over the river with a close up look never before seen. The new elevated trestle will carry the classic train over the historic waters giving views of “fresh water” and maybe even the new Star Wars Land. No word yet on whether there will be changes to existing attractions or new additions, but the artist’s rendition has us excited for next summer.

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