Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

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Get a Sneak Peak into the Newest Disneyland Resort – Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

There’s nothing like the moment when you walk into the lobby of a Disney hotel property. The magic is in every detail, all you have to do is look. At the new Shanghai Disneyland Hotel you won’t have to look hard to find the magic.

In just about two months Shanghai Disney Resort will be open for business, and it’s going to provide a uniquely luxurious experience. Four hundred and twenty guest rooms will be available for booking.

When designing the hotel, architects and interior designers had to be innovative, finding ways to combine Chinese culture with traditional Disney characters. The large fountain at the hotel is one of the best examples of cohesion, featuring a large glass peony blossom – a traditional flower of China – and Disney fairies. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel features enough Disney elements to please the true fan, and enough opulence and comfort for the experienced traveler.

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel sits on the shores of a beautiful lake. Guests can enjoy the view from various vantage points throughout the vast property. The décor is Art Nouveau, very rich and opulent. One of the most breathtaking aspects of the hotel is the three story lobby.

Guests traveling in the summer can take in the sun and fun at the King Triton Pool, or splash around at the Hakuna Matata Oasis.

A Disney hotel experience wouldn’t  be complete without a character dining experience. Guests can enjoy a buffet and character dining experience at Lumiere’s Kitchen. If your busy schedule prevents you from sitting down to dinner, Ballet Café offers quick service. The café is decorated with depictions from the film Fantasia.

Guests seeking a fine dining experience should look no further than Aurora, named after the sleeping princess herself. This five-star restaurant serves modern Asian cuisine and breathtaking views of Shanghai Disneyland.

Besides a unique and memorable experience, the hotel also offers convenient access to the theme park. Guests of the hotel can take a bus, ferry boat, or quick walk over to the park.

Saving up for a stay at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel may take a while, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Will you reserve a room at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel?

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