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Adventure Awaits you in Shanghai

If you haven’t heard, Disney’s about to launch a brand new theme park, Shanghai Disneyland. The company spent $5.5 billion on the park, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. The park will feature many attractions not offered at its other properties at home and abroad, including a unique land, Adventure Isle.

Tyler Slater revealed the history of Adventure Isle in a recent piece for D23’s website:

“The history of Adventure Isle combines lore with Disney imagination and begins with the Arbori people, a civilization that thrived several thousand years ago. According to Disney legend, the island was discovered by a group of international explorers known as the League of Adventurers, and it’s brimming with mystery and lost treasure. Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland will easily find this land by the sight of the towering “Roaring Mountain”—rumored to be the home of a mysterious reptilian—which regularly “roars” to life.”

Roaring Rapids Shanghai Disneyland

As was revealed at D23 last year, the main attraction of Adventure Isle will be the Roaring Rapids. This high intensity water ride will take guests through Roaring Mountain in search of the Q’araq , a massive crocodile-like monster. Perfect for thrill seekers, Roaring Rapids takes guests through dark caverns, lava tubes and whirlpools.

Another unique attraction found in Adventure Isle is a unique spin on the Soarin’ attraction. Riders of Soaring Over the Horizon will take flight from Adventure Isle and soar over Earth’s iconic landmarks, cities and natural attractions, according to Slater.

If you and your family enjoy the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disney’s California Adventure Park you’re sure to enjoy Camp Discovery. At Camp Discovery guests can hike along scenic trails, tackle challenging rope courses, and uncover ancient relics.

Disney parks are known for their stellar live productions like Aladdin at California Adventure, and The Lion King at Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World. Shanghai Disney is no exception bringing to life the story of Tarzan for guests of all ages. The production will include Phil Collins’ masterful score from the Disney film, Chinese acrobatics, and a rock concert.

Adventure Isle is just one of the lands at Shanghai Disneyland Disney imagineers have worked around the clock to thrill guests with. There are many unique experiences to be had when Shanghai Disneyland opens June 16th. Have you booked your flight yet?


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