Disney Fairy Tales Told by Emoji

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Your Favorite Disney Fairy Tales Come to Life Through Emojis

If you haven’t seen these adorable digital shorts yet you’re seriously missing out. The creative team behind Disney’s short form content has been hitting home runs with their Tsum Tsum and Emoji videos. They’ve re-imagined classic Disney films – as well as newer animated features – by turning main characters into emojis. Animators use real iPhone messaging imagery to bring important scenes to life.

On Tuesday, Disney released “Beauty and the Beast As Told by Emoji” to celebrate the film’s 25th birthday. Check out our favorite emoji tales below and let us know which ones are your favorite.

Tale as Old as Time


Will Bell still fall for the Beast in emoji form? Our favorite part is when Bell’s on the run from the wolves and uses L’airbnb to book a stay at Beast’s castle. She probably should have paid attention to the “tresspass” warning on the app though.


We can’t decide which is cuter, animated Judy Hopps or Emoji Judy. Nothing can stop Judy from handing out parking tickets, even without legs. We like the way the animators inform our crew of the Otter’s disappearance. Watch out for that night howler, he’ll make a mess of your address book.


We agree with Rapunzel, floating lanterns are way better in person, but we’ll take what we can get. Apparently mother knows best even when you’re an emoji. Animators got creative when it came to bringing Rapunzel’s power to life in mobile form. We wish we could turn back time the way Mother Gothel does.


Elsa’s just as glam in this digital short, and just as powerful. We’re glad we’re not reliving this tale in person, it looks seriously chilly.


Apparently Cinderella needs help getting ready, even when she doesn’t have to get dressed. Cinderella is seriously adorable in emoji form though. We have serious coach and slipper envy. Love the evite to the ball. Pay attention to the app used to vet potential brides, Slipper is the new Tinder.


This digital short brings the magic. Will Aladdin be able to escape a beheading without those quick feet? Leave it to Princess Jasmine to still bring the glam. We like how the genie’s brought to life using the Google watch.

Finding Nemo

Apparently finding Nemo isn’t any easier on a mobile device. Animators got seriously creative when it came to showing Nemo’s capture and return. The shark and bomb scene is especially cool.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory just came out this year, but it’s already a Pixar classic. One of the coolest scenes is when they leave the ocean for the Aquarium. Love the different aquatic and plant life depicted in the short. Pay attention to app references like “Finmo” and “Find My Fish”.

Which was your favorite short? Let us know in the comments below.

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