Will Disney’s Pete’s Dragon Soar

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Will Pete’s Dragon Soar at the Box Office or Will Audiences Stay Away After Alice Through the Looking Glass?

There’s a new Disney movie getting a lot of buzz and it’s actually a Disney classic remake from the 70’s!  That’s right, Disney’s Pete’s Dragon has been remade with the help of some big Hollywood names like Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford and Oaks Fegley.

This version of Pete’s Dragon will have a slightly altered story line from the 1970’s classic, with the same great Disney magic.

A New Take

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Grace, a forest ranger who stumbles upon an orphan boy she deems to be lost in the woods.  The orphan boy, Pete, is played by actor Oaks Fegley who is relatively new to the big screen, making his Hollywood debut in 2014 with “Fort Bliss”.

Shortly after Grace and her father, played by Robert Redford, take Pete in, he tells them a familiar story about a Dragon he befriended in the woods.  With the help of another father-daughter duo, Jack and Natalie (played by Wes Bentley and Oona Lauren), the group sets out to track down Pete’s Dragon, Elliot.  When the town and law enforcement find out about Elliot, his safety becomes at risk and Pete and his new family must fight to protect him.

Pete's Dragon Scene

Film Effects

The effects in this remake are pure Disney Magic, as Disney’s animation team and filmmaker Peter Jackson’s visual effects company have made Pete’s Dragon come to life in a way only Disney can.

With direction by David Lowery and Production by Jim Whitaker and Barrie Osborne (exec. Producer), live action and CGI collide to create visual affects that give the audience a very “realistic” visual experience. Hooray for every parent wanting to take their child to a movie they can actually enjoy sitting through! (Or for those of us without children who just plain love Disney movies!)

Johnny Depp as Mad HatterBox Office

Disney needs another hit to keep stock prices from dropping further. Alice Through the Looking Glass’ dismal earnings caused Disney stock prices to drop 1%. The film cost $170 million to make, and earned around $35 million in its opening weekend. That’s less than the first Alice made in it’s first day ($40.8 million). However the film made $65 million overseas. While critics panned the film, audiences seemed to enjoy the sequel.

Will You Watch?

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon movie hits theaters August 12th, but you can catch a sneak-peak by watching Disney’s Pete’s Dragon official movie trailer.


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