Samwell Tarley Shares a Love for Books with This Disney Character

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*Spoiler Alert* Only Read on if You’ve Seen Last Night’s Game of Thrones Finale

On last night’s Game of Thrones season finale Samwell Tarley makes a brief appearance, just enough time to finally make it to the Citadel. For a lover of books, the Citadel was a dream come true for Sam who had been through his share of bad times.

Sam is a fan favorite, a good guy always getting the short end of the stick, but tonight he had a moment of bliss when he was finally allowed into the Citadel.

But Sam’s excitement for the library reminded us of another character we love, Belle. In Beauty and the Beast, longing to make a grand gesture, the Beast surprises Belle with a grand library. The perfect gift for a lover of books:

Beauty and the Beast library

Sam’s reaction to the Citadel last night was so similar to Belle’s we had to create this epic mashup of both scenes:

We’re happy for Sam, and hope next season we see him get some peace.

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