Hugh Grant Charms Us All on WWHL

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Hugh Grant Appeared on the August 11th episode of WWHL with his Florence Foster Jenkins co-star Simon Helberg

On Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live, Hugh Grant appeared in all his charming British glory. The actor discussed everything from why he chose not to be a part of the upcoming Bridgette Jones Baby to his love for the Real Housewives of New York.

Hugh Grant on WWHL

Bridget Jones & Her Baby

In the episode, the subject of Bridget Jones and it’s leading lady came up a few times. First, when asked which of his leading ladies Grant thought was the most “down to earth” Hugh interjected by asking who “the lady second from the left was” referring to Zellweger. We’re assuming the actor was referring to the buzz surrounding the actress’ recent plastic surgery and the subsequent media outcry.

The subject was brought up later when a caller asked if Grant had been asked to play a part in the upcoming third installment of the film franchise. Grant responded that he was approached with a role, but turned it down because he’s a “queen” when it comes to choosing scripts. Bridget Jones Baby hits theaters September 16th without Hugh.


Meryl & Florence Foster Jenkins

Huge and co-star Simon Helberg were there to promote their latest film, Florence Foster Jenkins also staring Meryl Streep. Helberg was asked who he was more afraid to work with, Grant or Streep, to which he replied Streep. Grant had his own opinions of working with Streep, sharing that the three-time Oscar winner was very intense, “as you’d expect.” The actor went on to say that every now and again Streep would throw out a compliment about his performance, something he cherishes.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see Hugh Grant & Meryl Streep in action. The movie is in theaters now. We love you Hugh.

Hugh Grant Dancing

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