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The Extended Moana Trailer Reveals Backstory & Original Scenes

Disney’s Moana hits theaters next month, but fans who can’t wait to learn more about the Polynesian princess can see an extended 4D trailer at Disney’s California Adventure Park for a limited time.


What you can expect from the extended Moana Trailer

The extended Moana trailer is showing daily at the Bugs Life Theater in the Bugs Land section of California Adventure. Theme park entry is required in order to view the trailer. The trailer is in 4D which means in addition to 3D effects, guests can expect other effects like smoke and water. If you’ve ever seen “It’s Tough to be a Bug” at the Bugs Life theater, you know about the theater’s many surprises. The extended trailer will reveal Moana’s backstory, and introduce some new characters.

The trailer is screened several times a day, and there is no line. Guests must wait outside the theater doors in between showing, but the theater is large and everyone tends to make it inside. Sit towards the middle of the theater for best viewing. The trailer lasts about ten minutes.


What we learned from the extended Moana Trailer

We learned a lot of new information from the extended trailer, and were dazzled by the beauty of the animation. Here’s what you’ll learn during the trailer:

  • See more of the island Moana calls home, and the danger headed its way
  • See more of Moana as an adorable baby
  • Learn about her role in the community
  • Discover Moana’s many responsibilities & the limitations that come with them
  • Learn more about Maui, and the mistakes that have left him stranded
  • Learn how Maui loses his powers
  • Why the ocean is Moana’s friend
  • And more about the true villain of the film

In the trailer we discover that Maui stole the heart of the main island, which lead to the islands almost instant death. As he fled the island he was attacked, losing the heart of the island and his hook. It’s Maui’s hook that gives him his demi-god abilities, including shape shifting. Maui and the heart were lost, until the ocean gave the heart to a baby Moana. Death comes to Moana’s island, and she urges her father to launch a quest to find Maui. When her father refuses, Moana goes off on her own to bring the demi-god back to save her island from a terrible fate.

With it’s Polynesian music, beautiful animation and strong story – Moana promises to deliver. The animated film is sure to be an instant Disney classic and hit with audiences. Watch the extended Moana trailer at California Adventure Park in the Disneyland Resort.

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