Secrets to the Perfect Disney Parks Photo

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Snap the Perfect Disney Parks Photo with These Industry Tips

In a recent article for D23 – Disney’s exclusive member’s only magazine – Disney photographer Ty Popko shared his tricks for taking unique park photos. Discover new ways to photograph your favorite park attractions, and make your photos stand out from the traditional guest photos.

Here are top tips for Disney photo-taking.

Cars Land Disneyland Park

Consider the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in producing a great Disney parks photo. Think about the light before taking your next photo. Disney parks are the subject of hundreds of photos each day. Help your photo stand out by using the lighting to showcase popular locations in new ways. Use the light to focus your attention on specific elements or details, while using the shadows to frame your image.

Popko suggests taking photos in the morning or early evening, “when the shadows are long and beautiful.” He also suggests avoiding taking photos when the sun is directly above. Instead Popko suggests finding a shady spot under a tree or castle entryway to shoot the perfect pic. Visiting the parks on a gloomy day? Don’t be glum, cloud cover can actually provide great lighting for photos, and your subjects won’t have to squint.

Disney Photo Tips

New Angles

Want to take a picture of iconic park attractions like Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or the Matterhorn? Help your picture stand out from the thousands of others by approaching the photo from a new angle. Popko suggests climbing the stairs of the train station at Disneyland Park to take your photo of Mainstreet U.S.A. Want a cool pic of Nemo’s Submarine Journey? Try taking a photo from the line for the Monorail. You can capture a great photo of Tomorrow Land from the Astro Orbiters or the top of Space Mountain. The parks are filled with opportunities for new perspective.

Disneyland at Christmas

Consider Your Audience

Are you taking photos for a professional Instagram account or online publication?  If your not, then make sure to include your loved ones. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to park photos is not taking enough photos of themselves. If you’re taking photos to show your friends and family, try to be in them as much as possible. You can showcase the many cool features of a park while being in a photo. Your friends and family want to see you enjoying your trip, as much as they’re interested in seeing elements of the parks.

A trip to a Disney Park is typically not a common experience. If you’ve saved and planned to take a trip to the parks, it’s important to take photos that will serve as memories for those days when a vacation seams eons away.

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