Top 7 Disney Christmas Ornaments 2016

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Must Have Disney Christmas Ornaments

Each year Disney artists collaborate with Disney Consumer Products to bring our favorite animated features to life in ornament form. Disney Christmas ornaments bring a special kind of magic to your Christmas tree. Whether your tree is exclusively Disney, or you like to sprinkle your x-mas tree with a few choice Disney ornaments, check out the newest ornaments to hit the Disney Store.

Peter Pan 2016 ornament

Peter Pan & The Darlings

Peter Pan is one of the most beloved classics of all time. One of the most memorable scenes from the animated film is when Peter and the Darlings fly across the London night sky, stopping for a moment to rest on Big Ben and take in the view. It makes perfect sense why this scene from Peter Pan would become a Disney Christmas ornament. The Peter Pan and Darling Children Sketchbook Ornament brings to life this wonderful scene. Peter and Wendy rest on the face of the ornament, with John peering from atop the roof, as Michael dangles from the side as he grasps his favorite teddy bear. The ornament is enhanced with golden glitter accents.

This year Disney has also added the option to personalize ornaments for an additional $5.95. Personalized ornaments come with a 1 inch metal charm, and up to 14 characters for the first line, and 10 characters on the second line. The Peter Pan and Darling Sketchbook ornament costs $16.95 on the This ornament is sure to bring “happy thoughts” to you and your family during the holidays.

Belle & Book Disney Ornament

Belle & Her Favorite Part

One of the best song’s from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is simply called “Belle”. The song serves as an introduction to Belle, and her unique character. She isn’t like the rest of the town, in fact “nothing like the rest of us is Belle.” During this musical number, Belle rests on a fountain in town, and begins to share her love of books and stories with us. The Belle Singing Sketchbook Ornament brings this critical scene to life. We see Belle enjoying her favorite book, and a sheep tries to take a bite from her bread basket. The ornament plays the song “Belle” at the push of a button. Bring this ornament home for $16.95.

Elena of Avalor Christmas Ornament

Elena of Avalor

After finally getting the opportunity to put her feet on the ground, Elena is in flight once again as she dangles from your Christmas tree branch this holiday season. Elena is Disney’s first Latina princess, and as such she deserves an ornament of her very own. The Elena of Avalor Singing Sketchbook Ornament is beautiful, but what makes this ornament a must-have is the signature song it plays. Your guests will have fun playing “My Time” and singing along. The ornament features vibrant colors, and intricate details. Everything from Elena’s guitar to the flowers in her hair have been hand painted. You can purchase the Elena of Avalor Singing Sketchbook ornament at the Disney Store or online for $16.95.

Disney Robinhood Ornament

Robin Hood and Maid Marian

One of our favorite animated films growing up was Disney’s Robin Hood. Unlike live action re-tellings of the infamous thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, Disney chose to depict the tale using animals rather than humans. Therefore, Robin Hood and Maid Marian were both depicted as foxes. If you’re too young to remember – or never watched the 1973 animated feature – it’s time to log into your Netflix account. This classic Disney film has something for everyone: romance, adventure, friendship, good vs. evil and more. The Robin Hood and Maid Marian Sketchbook Ornament depicts the scene where Robin Hood and Maid Marian are finally able to go public with their love and be wed. This ornament is so adorable, your tree can’t do without it. The ornament retails for $16.95 on the

Lady & The Tramp Ornament

Si & Am – Lady & The Tramp

Who could forget the two mischievous cats who plotted against Lady in Lady and the Tramp. What’s worse than the mess they make is their signature song, good luck trying to  get that tune out of your head. The popular Siamese cats are brought to life as one of 2016’s Disney Christmas ornaments. The Si and Am Sketchbook Ornament is the perfect gift for the cat lover in your family. In this scene the cats are attempting to have a little afternoon snack, it just happens to be your pet goldfish. What makes this ornament unique is the velvety material used to bring the fur to life, red glitter base, and hand painted details. The Si and Am Sketchbook ornament costs $16.95 at the Disney Store.

Lumiere Disney OrnamentEnchanted Rose Disney Ornament

Beauty and The Beast Light Up Ornaments

With Disney’s live action Beauty and The Beast hitting theaters March 2017, it’s natural you’d want to decorate your tree with ornaments from the classic animated film. There’s no shortage of Beauty and The Beast themed ornaments on the Disney Store website, but we love these two in particular because they light up. The Enchanted Rose Light-Up Sketchbook Ornament showcases the Beast’s magical rose. The ornament lights up red at night, bringing additional lighting to your Christmas tree. The Lumiere Light-Up Figural Ornament adds a flickering glow to your dazzling tree. No Beauty and The Beast collection is complete without Lumiere. The Enchanted Rose ornament retails for $16.95, while the Lumiere Light-Up ornament costs $22.99 both on the

Which Disney Christmas ornaments will you buy this year? Share your favorites in the comment section below.


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