Disneyland Resort Christmas Shows, Parades & More

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Which Holiday Shows Are Worth Seeing at the Disneyland Resort 2016

Each year Disney celebrates holidays across their park properties, and each park has unique holiday offerings. There are Christmas shows, parades and more to be enjoyed – if you can find a spot for viewing. Disney parks are known to be extra hectic in the month of December, as hundreds of families pour into the parks for the chance at some extra holiday cheer. While the streets are unusually crowded, and attraction wait times are far higher than normal, many guests find the struggle worthwhile thanks to some very special seasonal offerings. This year, some of the Disneyland Resort Christmas shows are better than others. Search Princess can help you spend your time wisely, read on for some insight into Disneyland Resort Christmas shows, parades and more.

Christmas Fantasy Parade

Christmas Fantasy Parade

The “Christmas Fantasy Parade” is one of my favorite Disney parades. It combines the magic of Christmas with the fantasy of Disney’s most popular movies and franchises. This is the parade for the ultimate Christmas/Disney fan, and it’s one I don’t suggest missing. Don’t get to the park late, because there is no night showing this year. In the past, guests could catch the parade at night, when the floats were lit up, but this year the park had to make way for the popular “Paint the Night Parade.” Disneyland guests can catch the parade along Main Street U.S.A. at 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm daily. Unlike other Disney Parks, Disneyland has limited parade viewing areas. Prime viewing locations get snatched up hours in advance of the parade. Attending on a weekend day? If you want a front seat view, bring a long a blanket and claim your location no less than 45 minutes prior to the parade. You can store your blankets in a locker on Main Street for $7 a day. The parade runs for 40 minutes from start to finish. Not interested in parades? This is a great time to enjoy those popular holiday attractions like the Haunted Mansion Holiday or It’s a Small World. For more information on the parade visit the “Christmas Fantasy Parade” event page.

Viva Navidad Street Party

Disney Viva Navidad Street Party

This year California Adventure is celebrating holidays around the world with a special dining event. Guests can visit kiosks were a variety of holiday foods and treats are served. The “Viva Navidad Street Party” is a short holiday show that takes place in front of the Garden Walk area of the park. This mini parade features the Three Caballeros, Latin dancers and of course Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The show features several colorful floats, lively music, and talented dancers. The “Viva Navidad Street Party” runs under 20 minutes, and takes place several times throughout the day. See all showtimes here. Get an areal view of the parade by riding the Jumpin Jellyfish attraction during the show. The Garden Walk area is an excellent place to enjoy a meal during the parade. If live shows aren’t your thing, this is a great time to take in one of the nearby attractions like Goofy’s Sky School or Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid.

Believe Holiday Magic Fireworks Show

Believe…In Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular

At night Disney Parks come alive with spectacular fireworks and water shows. This year the Disneyland Resort Christmas Shows bring the best of the holidays to life. “Believe…In Holiday Magic” is a spectacular firework show, but doesn’t deliver the same awe of the recently retired “Disneyland Forever.” While the fireworks and castle projections are beautiful, the park decided not to cast projections down Main Street this year. This added effort made it so that guests who can’t secure a spot near the castle are able to view projections. For whatever reason, the park decided to forgo Main Street projections this year, but guests can still enjoy the “snow.” You can catch the holiday fireworks at 9:30 pm nightly. The show lasts 15 minutes, so if you’re up to the task you can catch both “Believe…In Holiday Magic” and “World of Color – Season of Light” on weekends when the World of Color has a second showing.

World of Color Season of Light

World of Color – Season of Light

The World of Color is an amazing Disney-themed water show. If you’ve never seen a World of Color performance, hundreds of fountains spray water several feet in the air, while projections of beloved Disney characters dance along the water to some of your favorite songs. While all World of Color performances are amazing, “World of Color – Season of Light” is extra magical. Disney characters bring classic Christmas songs to life in a new way. For example, watch scenes from your favorite Disney couples to the Christmas classic “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” There’s so much to this spectacular water show, it’s worth missing the fireworks for. If you only have time for one of the Disneyland Resort Christmas Shows this year, we say don’t miss out on “World of Color – Season of Light.” Fast passes for the show can be acquired near the Grizzly River Run attraction. Catch “World of Color – Season of Light” from now until January 8th at 9 pm nightly on weekdays, and at 9 pm and 10:15 pm on weekends. The best viewing areas can only be accessed with a fastpass, so be sure to get yours before they run out. Fastpasses are free to park guests.

Which Disneyland Resort Christmas Shows are on your must-watch list?

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