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Disney Channel reveals the first look at Tangled the Series

Fans of Tangled have much to celebrate. Disney Channel released its first look at the new series that features voices from the original film. The show will premiere in 2017.

Turning hit animated films into successful television series isn’t something new for the network – 90s kids will remember the Aladdin and Little Mermaid series – but Tangled is unique. The television series won’t look like the Tangled you remember, but it’s just as adorable.

Why Watch Tangled the Series


The Plot

The Disney Channel series takes place between the events of the animated film and the 2002 Tangled Ever After short. The series will focus on Rapunzel as she tries to assimilate into life as a princess. Like most fairy tales, Tangled left us wanting to know more. Audiences were left wondering how Rapunzel handles going from a tower dwelling teen to a full fledged princess over night. She meet her parents for the first time hours after finding out the mother who raised her isn’t her mother at all. Rapunzel has to tackle a new family dynamic, budding romance and being a princess all at the same time – which makes this tale so perfect for a TV series. Plus we’ll get to find out how Rapunzel’s able to grow that gorgeous hair back!

Cast of Tangled Series

The Cast

The Tangled series brings the film’s leads together again. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will reprise their roles as Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn). In addition to the leads, three other actors will be reprising their voice roles including: Jeffrey Tambor (Big Nose), Paul F. Tompkins (Shorty), and M.C. Gainey as Captain of the Guards.

New to the cast is Ashley Judd, who will be voicing Rapunzel’s mother Queen Arianna, and Sean Hayes of Will and Grace fame who will be voicing Pete the Guard.


The Music

The show will feature songs from award winning composer and Disney favorite Alan Menken, who wrote the songs for the film. Menken is also responsible for some of the best Disney songs ever written, including:

  • “Friend Like Me” – Aladdin
  • “Be Our Guest” – Beauty and the Beast
  • “Go the Distance” – Hercules
  • “Under the Sea” – The Little Mermaid


The Show Runners

The series was developed by Shane Prigmore and Chris Sonnenburg. Prigmore has worked on such animated films as Rise of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon and Coraline. Chris Sonnenburg has worked on many Disney films including the animated classics Hercules and Mulan.

Catch Tangled the series when it debuts on Disney Channel in 2017. Until then catch the first teaser trailer below.


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