Disneyland Halloween Merchandise 2016

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Get An Inside Look at Disneyland Halloween Merchandise

If you haven’t been to Disneyland this fall, you’re missing out some seriously cool Disneyland Halloween merchandise. From toys to home decor, there’s something for every Disney fan at the parks during Halloween Time.

Check out our favorite Disneyland Halloween Merchandise, and make your wish list.


Disney at Home

Disney parks home decor is getting better each year. This Halloween bring Mickey home through these cute Halloween inspired pieces. Whether you string pumpkin mickey lights up or serve a meal on these spooky plates, you’re sure to impress your guests with your on-point Halloween decor. The mickey LED candles glimmer and glow, providing the perfect lighting for your Halloween gathering. Serve your Halloween candy in a cute Mickey bowl, and welcome your guests with a sign from the parks.


Spooky Snacks

New to Disneyland Halloween merchandise this year is this adorable Zero popcorn holder. You can find Zero at the popcorn stand right outside the Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction from now until October 31st. Zero’s nose lights up and blinks, just like in the movie, and he’s glow in the dark. Order your popcorn on the side to avoid getting the inside greasy. This cute container can house your favorite Halloween treats, and serve as an epic centerpiece for your Halloween party table. Go ahead, take a sip, it’s not poison. The poison apple mugs are available at multiple quick-service restaurants throughout the park. Take your mug home and enjoy some apple cider by the fire.


Cute and Cuddly

Your little ones will love these Nightmare Before Christmas plush toys. Probably the softest toys you’ll ever find, these adorable plush toys are the perfect gift for family back home. Zero is seriously too adorable for words. These lovable plush toys can be found outside the Haunted Mansion ride from now until Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas Treats

A Nightmare Come True

These delicious desserts can be found at the Zocalo restaurant in Disneyland’s Frontier Land. Order the pumpkin flan or a pumpkin parfait with these adorable edible depictions of Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Zocalo has been decorated for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead – the Mexican holiday where family and friends remember and celebrate those who have passed. For a limited time, view special decor and savor seasonal entrees at Zocalo. Other special Halloween treats can be found at the park including Jack Skellington cake pops, Evil Queen caramel apples and mummy rice treats.

What’s your favorite part about Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort?

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