Is Gucci Makeup Worth Adding to Your Wishlist?

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Gucci Makeup is Beautifully Packaged but is The Line Worth the Price?

It seems like every designer is coming out with a makeup line these days. While some designer makeup lines are worth your hard-earned dollars, other products fall flat. Find out if Gucci beauty products are worth putting on your wish list this Christmas.

gucci beauty collection

About Gucci Beauty

Gucci launched its first ever cosmetics line in 2014, just ahead of the Christmas season. The long awaited product line was the vision of Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director. Giannini worked with legendary makeup artist and P&G’s Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, to bring the luxury makeup collection to consumers. The original collection consisted of 200+ pieces, based on the brand’s iconic six colors: gold, black, red, teal blue, bronze and copper.

As a former accessory designer for the brand, Giannini wanted each piece to work as an accessory, which explains the gorgeous packaging. The line isn’t cheap, but it isn’t too much more expensive than other beauty brands featured in stores like Sephora and Ulta Beauty. Gucci beauty product pricing ranges from $29 for nail polish to $79 for brushes.

Gucci lipstick review

About the Makeup

Not only is Gucci’s makeup line stunningly packaged, it’s also extremely high quality. With many makeup lines, including some luxury brand products, the makeup goes on light. With other makeup products it can take several strokes, swipes and brushes to make a color show – let alone stay – on your face. This can be frustrating when you’re spending $20+ on a product.

Gucci’s makeup line was designed to stay on your face above all else. While this is great for avoiding makeup smudges, bleeding or fading – it’s important to remember when applying eye liner. Once it dries, it’s pretty much on there for good.

That’s not the case with Gucci makeup. Unlike other brands, each product is perfectly pigmented. We’re in love with their use of bold colors, but even the naturals last without multiple applications. Take their vibrant demi-glaze lip lacquer for example. Most glosses go in semi-clear. They’re mean to go over lipstick or a lip pencil. With Gucci’s vibrant demi-glaze lip lacquer there’s no need for anything underneath. Wear the gloss alone for a perfectly pigmented and shiny lip. At $32 a gloss, this lip lacquer is worth the investment.

If you’re going to pick one product from the line to add to your wish list, we suggest the lip line. Gucci lipsticks and lip glosses go on better than most competitors, and are worth the extra expense. Definitely consider adding Gucci makeup to your Christmas wish list.


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