Mary Poppins Couples Costume

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For many girls their first Halloween with a boyfriend is the chance to finally partake in couples costumes. For many men, October means a month of saying no to the prince, peter pan, and any other “girly” costumes.

Like many girls, my first Halloween with my boyfriend I wanted to dress up together, but none of my brilliant ideas were approved. I realized he wasn’t as into the idea as I was, so I went as snow white and he went as Officer Dangle from Reno 911. The next year I went as Cinderella, and he went as…Officer Dangle from Reno 911.

This year when September rolled around, I began to think about couple-costume ideas, as always, but also with the knowledge that those ideas would never come to fruition. Then came a miracle. I proposed Mary Poppins and Bert as a costume idea, and to my surprise my fiance responded with, “sure, let’s do it!” Can’t ask for more excitement than that! With his approval, I began searching for ways to put the looks together.

Couples Costumes

First, I searched for a Mary Poppins costume which I found here. Although it’s intended to be a southern bell costume, the white lace and red belt closely resembled the look I was going for. I found the laced white umbrella at Disneyland in the New Orleans area, where at a kiosk you can have umbrellas decorated with whatever you like.

With my costume complete I searched for items for the Bert costume. Most of the costume was easy to put together: white pants from Macy’s, a white dress shirt also from Macy’s, a bright blue tie from JCPenny, but the jacket was proving difficult. Luckily I knew about a costume rental shop nearby. I had rented a costume from them in high school, and appreciated the quality. They had a jacket that resembled Bert’s, not exactly, but close enough. With that piece accomplished, we were ready to play dress up.

I guess the key to Halloween with your significant other is understanding if they don’t want to dress up right away. If you don’t force them to wear something they don’t want to wear, they’ll eventually want to dress up with you. Brainstorm ideas together, and be open to their suggestions.

What did you think of our costumes? What’s your favorite couples costume idea? Share with us below!

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